To Provide on Time Delivery And Best Quality Laundry Services.

Since 1998.

We are located in Abu Dhabi. We are Covering all of Abu Dhabi with free pickup and delivery delivering the clothes within 24 hours .
We are washing and Dry Cleaning with the best possible way to remove the stains, dirt and allergies using the high quality equipment and chemical.

Laundry Service

Laundry Service

All Ladies &
Gents Item

Hotel & Hospital tem
Table Cloths


Working Process

How We Work

We work creatively and specially for our clients.


Best Services

Our Services

We work creatively and specially for our clients.

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WASHING We have the best equipment , We are using highly sensitive and…
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Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning We have the professional dry cleaner and the best equipment for…
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Steam Pressing

Stream Pressing Steam pressing more pressure is created in order to enter the…
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Ironing Well experience and professional team for ironing steam and hand pressing some…

Home delivery the best laundry service.

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Startap Office

Our Outlets

Arequipa, Peru

Address: 45/T2 AB, (Nueva Palomino),Arequipa.

Cell: +99 888 555 22 2

Brisbane, Australia

Address: 45/T2 AB, (Nueva Palomino),Arequipa.

Cell: +99 888 555 22 2

Brisbane, Australia

Address: 45/T2 AB, (Nueva Palomino),Arequipa.

Cell: +99 888 555 22 2

East Cape, Mexico

Address: 45/T2 AB, (Nueva Palomino),Arequipa.

Cell: +99 888 555 22 2

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